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Hollyweed Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges like THC. Which is then incorporated into some of the industry’s most effective Delta8 products.

Of course, the ingredients used are organic, non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Hollyweed gets you the next level of enjoyment with its delicious, natural, and the best Delta-8 products

Delta 8 THC is relatively a new addition to hemp-derived products for consumption, but it is quickly gaining popularity due to its numerous health benefits. They’ve effectively used Delta-8’s unique variants to their advantage, producing a refreshing mix of delicious flavors and blends.

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Blackberry, Blackberry Kush, Fruity Cereal, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, Mango, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Sunset Sherbert


25, 50, 100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000


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